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Tire Sales and Service in Capitol Heights, MD

Tire Sales and Service in Capitol Heights, MD

Tread On Tires You Can Trust

Usually tires are one of the things car owners often neglect since there is no system to alert you when a change or service is needed. However, with Pohanka Hyundai’s tire sales and service in Capitol Heights, MD, we have your back.

As far as technological features go, at best your car will have a tire pressure monitor to help you keep track on whether your tires are properly inflated or have lost air. But other than that, there’s really no other way to keep your tires in check than to scrutinize them yourself or take them to a professional for inspection. In any case, it is of vital importance to give your tires proper regular maintenance in order to prevent early deterioration and hazardous situations on the road.

Tire maintenance mostly comprises alignment, balancing, and rotation. Here’s where our team of experts from our tire sales and service in Capitol Heights, MD, come into action. They'll ensure that your treads stay in top notch shape. Having your tires serviced regularly plays a crucial role in how evenly they wear out and, thus, how long they last. You can also check out our specials periodically for added benefits or discounts.

Alignment determines whether your tires are in the proper position and corrects them if they are not. Furthermore, if your tires are tilting inward or outwardly, it could also be a sign of other issues, such as worn bearings, ball joints, and other wheel-suspension parts. In turn, this can also cause problems with steering, stability, and cornering as your car may tend to drift towards one side and you may constantly find yourself correcting its course on the steering wheel. As for tire balancing, this is a service that is often performed conjointly with tire alignment and serves to keep your ride smooth and steady. When tires are balanced, they roll evenly and don’t wobble or jump since the weight is distributed uniformly.

Tire Sales and Service at Pohanka Hyundai

Finally, rotation serves as a preventative measure to ensure that your tires wear out as equally as possible, both front-to-rear and side-to-side. Usually periodic rotations are recommended about every 6,000 miles, so it’s important to keep track and schedule your service promptly when warranted. However, there is yet another factor to take into consideration, and that is the age of your tires. Even with all the care in the world, your tires will eventually age and that may also pose some risks, like sudden tread separation. You can determine the age of your tires by the last four digits of the DOT code branded on them, which tell you the week and year that the tire was made. If your tires have reached ten years of service, it is time to replace them. Don’t forget to also check your spare tire, and keep it updated and filled with air so that is good to go if you ever get a flat.

Give your tires a checkup and long-lasting life at Pohanka Hyundai with our tire sales and service in Capitol Heights, MD. Prevent those treads from going bald!

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