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2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Finance in College Park, MD

Get Behind the Wheel of the 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe When You Finance at Pohanka Hyundai of Capitol Heights!

2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Finance in College Park, MD

What is a great way to get into an all-new 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe this year? We have the answer for you at Pohanka Hyundai of Capitol Heights with our 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe finance in College Park, MD, offer. Now you won’t have to worry about emptying your bank account to drive home the latest Santa Fe SUV. Just come in and we will be able to get you into your new SUV for a monthly payment that fits right into your budget.

Financing is the most popular way of purchasing a new vehicle. When you finance, you are essentially borrowing money from a lender to pay for the purchase price of the vehicle. You then agree to repay the lender in smaller, more affordable monthly payments. This means you don’t have to worry about coming up with the whole purchase price at once. Instead, you can focus on your down-payment amount and whether or not you plan to trade-in your current vehicle.

Before you know it, you will be driving home in the versatile and reliable 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe. This 6- or 7-passenger SUV is ready to take on whatever adventure awaits you. With plenty of space and multiple seating configurations, you will have enough room for both your cargo and your passengers. You can also count on the Santa Fe to tow your favorite sporting equipment behind. Thanks to the 3.3L V6, 290 horsepower engine, it can tow up to 5,000 lbs.

The Hyundai Santa Fe is also fully equipped to keep your family safe. With features such as Blind Spot Detector with Rear Cross-traffic Alert1, you won’t have to worry about other vehicles hiding in your blind spot when you’re changing lanes or reversing out of a parking spot. Similarly, the Rearview Camera2 allows you to see if anything is hiding behind you as you reverse. Of course, in the event of an accident, the 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe comes with seven airbags to keep everyone safe and protected from serious injury.

2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Interior

When you stop in to Pohanka Hyundai of Capitol Heights for our 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe finance in College Park, MD, you will be driving away in your new SUV before you know it. The first step to getting your own set of keys is to stop by our site and fill out our get pre-approved application. This will let you know exactly how much you qualify for so you can shop smartly, knowing exactly how much you can spend.

If you know that you want to stay within a specific monthly payment, you can use our payment calculator to determine how much you can spend to stay within that figure. All you have to do is fill in your desired amount, your loan information, along with your down-payment. The number the calculator produces is your spending amount. As long as you spend that amount or less, you will be within your budget. The calculator will also tell you the amount of the monthly payment for a specific vehicle.

Be sure to stop in to Pohanka Hyundai of Capitol Heights today for more information about how you can qualify for a 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe finance in College Park, MD. Come in for a test drive and see how this SUV will work for your family.


1. Blind Spot Detection assists the driver by warning of other cars in the blind spot region. It senses the rear side territory of the vehicle when it is traveling over 20 mph. There are limitations to the function, range, detection and clarity of the system. It will not detect all vehicles or objects in the blind spot. Its operation depends on the size, distance, angle and relative speed difference between your car and other cars. Blind Spot Detection may not operate if sensors are obscured in any way. Do not rely exclusively on Blind Spot Detection. Blind Spot Detection is a supplemental system and the driver must still be attentive and exercise caution when driving with it. It is important to always signal, look over your shoulder and through your mirrors before changing lanes. It is the driver’s responsibility to be aware of the surroundings and ensure it is clear before changing lanes or directions. Blind Spot Detection is only meant to assist the driver in these responsibilities.
The Rear Cross-traffic Alert system is designed to notify drivers of approaching cross-traffic behind the vehicle. When a vehicle is detected, it provides an audible warning and visual display warning. Rear Cross-traffic Alert is a supplemental system and the driver must still exercise extreme caution when backing up. Drivers must always turn and view oncoming traffic before backing up.
Rear Cross-traffic Alert is active when the vehicle is in reverse and backing at a speed less than 6 mph. It may not detect all vehicles, depending on the size, angle, distance and speed of the other vehicle. In addition, Rear Cross-traffic Alert does not detect stationary objects or slow moving objects near the car, including pedestrians (including children), shopping carts, bicycles or baby strollers. The sensor will not function if foreign material, bicycle racks, luggage carriers, bumper stickers, mud or snow blocks it. Please see Owner’s Manual for additional information.

2. The optional Parking Assistance System is a supplemental system and not a substitute for proper parking and/or backing-up procedures. The system is designed to audibly warn the driver of objects 39 inches in front of the vehicle or 47 inches behind the vehicle. When active, the system operates when you are in reverse at up to 6 mph and moving forward at up to 12 mph. System may not detect every object in front or behind you. Always check your surroundings before moving the vehicle. When backing up, always look over your shoulder and use the rearview camera and mirrors to confirm clearance. System effectiveness depends on many factors. See your Owner's Manual for details.